What we do

We use high precision drones with infrared camera payloads to inspect the interior or exterior of your asset and report on its surface heat variations. 

Benefits and Applications 

Drone technology can traverse the building envelop in a fraction of the time of traditional techniques and inspect difficult to reach areas such as roofs or confined spaces. Thermal imaging detects and diagnoses hidden problems and reveals opportunities to save energy in your home or building.

 Drone techniques allow our teams to quickly gather radiometric temperature data on large areas such as roofs, solar panels and underground utilities. 

Thermal imaging is particularly effective at identifying:

  • Energy surveys and audits
  • Leaks 
  • Water damage and excess moisture
  • Condensation
  • Areas with missing or non-performing insulation
  • The effectiveness of insulation in a new buildings construction
  • Areas of air leakage or movement
  • Problems on large areas of solar panels