What we do

We carry out multispectral imaging utilising our industry specific drones and high resolution multi-channel and multispectral camera payloads. 

The technique is used over a broad range of applications including precise framing, environmental assessments and research projects.


Precision Agriculture

  • Measure biomass of crops
  • Identify areas of crop failure
  • Manage crops, soil, fertilizing and irrigation more effectively
  • Identify pests, disease and weeds
  • Count plants and determine population or spacing issues
  • Minimize the use of sprays, fertilizers, wastage of water
  • Provide data on soil fertility and refine fertilization by detecting nutrient deficiencies


  • Marine and river pollution detection
  • Determine precise data such as amount, height and tree types for forestry conservation and vegetation identification
  • Monitor areas of potential flooding
  • Identify organic content in water
  • Accurate locate fires for emergency response situations