What we do

We carry out drone inspections of bridges and structures utilising the Ascending Technologies - Falcon 8. 

The system is extremely stable in heavy winds and wind gusts which are often prevalent at bridges and structures. Built-in fail safes and redundant flight controls ensure the drone can operate safely and efficiently over watercourses, high traffic volumes and pedestrian areas. 

Benefits and Advantages 

Our drones can inspect bridges which are considered difficult, hazardous, time consuming or expensive by traditional bridge / structure inspection techniques such as ‘rope work’ and scaffolding access. This provides significant time and resource savings.

Some of the key advantages include:

  • Significant savings on cost.
  • Less time spent on site.
  • Access areas previously considered impractical or too hazardous.
  • Inspect underside of bridge decks spanning watercourses with ease.
  • Eliminate need for costly boat works
  • Reduce resources required on site, ‘working at heights’, ‘rope work’ or ‘scaffolding requirements’.
  • No disruption to traffic above or below the bridge.