Resources and Quality

The data collected from our drones is collected by IAA certified pilots and processed in-house using specialist software and techniques by a large team of photogrammetrists, geomatics surveyors, BIM modellers, CAD technicians and media editors.

IAA Certification and Safety

Our IAA certified flight team have developed industry specific operational procedures and risk assessments which are approved by the IAA and have expert knowledge in the SOP flight application process. This combined with our comprehensive drone specific insurance cover ensures your project is carried out safely and efficiently and in compliance with the Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) and Rockets Order S.I. 563 of 2015.


We have worked with our insurance providers to develop comprehensive industry specific policies and are currently one of very few operators that can provide PL, EL and PI to the high levels often required in the surveying and inspection sectors.

Company Structure

Apex Drone is an Apex Surveys company and can combine your drone service with a number of other related services such as topographic surveys, GPR Surveys, BIM, underground utility mapping and hydrographic surveys. 

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Accreditations and Memberships