What we do

We use a range of drone platforms, cameras and gimbals to produce professional grade photos and videos across many sectors and industries. All our cameras are 4k with up to 36MP available where required.

  • Aerial Photography
  • Video footage
  • Oblique Photography
  • Orth imagery
  • Panoramic Imagery
  • 360 Deg videos for virtual Reality applications


Drone photography is extremely cost effective when compared with raised platforms and manned aircraft. The flexibly and manoeuvrability of the drone allows for capturing images and videos at previously unattainable vantage points and perspectives and access to areas which may not be possible using other techniques.

Some of the key advantages include:

  • Fraction of cost of manned aircraft or mobile platforms
  • Rapid deployment
  • Flying at low or high altitudes
  • Reach previously inaccessible areas
  • View footage in real time on site

Typical Applications

  • Construction progress monitoring
  • Development fly throughs
  • Media for advertising, film and marketing purposes
  • Environmental research, monitoring and assessments
  • Tourism and Heritage
  • Aerial Tours
  • 360 Videos
  • 3D Visualisations of newly planned real estate and infrastructure
  • Presentation of real estate
  • Footage of events