What we do

We employ a method of aerial surveying which involves flying an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over a specific area to acquire high-resolution aerial images and geospatial data.

This data is processed and analysed in-house to create true to scale drawings, DTM models, BIM models, ortho-mosaic, ortho-imagery, photos and 3D point clouds, 360 degree tours along with a range of other deliverables.

The outputs can be delivered in industry standard formats or hosted on our secure online hosting platform.

Key Benefits

  • More cost effective than traditional ground survey techniques.
  • Rapid deployment.
  • Survey hazardous areas with minimal ground access.
  • Less time on site due to rapid data collection.
  • Survey areas which are inaccessible to traditional ground survey techniques.
  • Survey areas which are unsuitable for manned aircraft.
  • Reduce ‘working at heights’.
  • Access confined spaces or potentially dangerous areas.
  • Reduce traffic management requirements
  • Minimise trackside works at railway infrastructure

Our Methodology 

To ensure accuracy our flight team will establish temporary ground control points (GCPs) throughout the survey area. The GCPs are coordinated using high-precision GNSS and utilised within the data processing procedure to control the positional accuracy of the survey.

Using industry specific drones our team will apply automated flight control techniques to fly the survey area in a grid pattern at low altitude (less than 120m) and record high resolution overlapping multi-perspective, georeferenced imagery.

Our in-house team of photogrammetrists, geomatics surveyors, BIM modellers and CAD technicians utilise advanced photogrammetry software and exclusive workflows to produce high accuracy survey outputs.

What we can deliver

Drone Topographic Surveys 
True to scale drawings with features represented by contours, text and symbols delivered in industry standard platforms such as AutoCAD, microstation, PDF or text file.

Hi-resolution ortho-photos and ortho-mosaics
Using drones to create true to scale, coordinated images from which direct measurements can be determined.

GIS and CAD outputs 
All our drone survey deliverables can be easily input to industry standard GOS packages.

3D CAD and BIM Models

Textured, layered, photorealistic and intelligent models using UAV aerial mapping technologies with results delivered in packages such as AutoCAD and REVIT.

Drone Building and Structure Surveys 
Elevation of buildings and bridges which are difficult to access using conventional survey techniques. Our UAV bridge and building services allow for ease of access and quick survey turnaround times. 

Drone Roof Inspections

Using drones to efficiently and safely survey of roofs which are inaccessible or would require costly fall protection arrangements.

Contour mapping, DTMs and spot levels 
Drone Surveying of large areas in short space of time to create cost effective contour mapping.

Drone Point Cloud Surveys 
Delivering Point Cloud data of large areas for use in industry standard packages.

Volumetric calculations 
Quickly and safely calculate volumes.

Coastal Terrain Surveys 
Survey otherwise inaccessible coastal areas accurately and cost effectively using drone surveying.

Drone Flood Mapping 
Using drone to access and map flooded areas which are inaccessible by land.