What we do

Our building inspections are carried out utilising the industry leading Falcon 8 Drone.

The Falcon 8 is extremely stable and offers significant flight control redundancy to ensure a safe and efficient inspection around busy buildings or populated areas.


Our drones can access facades and roofs which are considered difficult, hazardous, time consuming or expensive by using traditional rope work, MEWP and scaffolding based inspection techniques.

The inspections are carried out at a fraction of the time required for traditional techniques providing significant cost savings.

Some of the key advantages include:

  • Significant cost savings compared with traditional building inspection techniques.
  • Building surveyed in fraction of time.
  • Access difficult/ impossible to reach areas such as roofs and chimneys.
  • Safely inspect ventilation and MEP infrastructure.
  • Reduce the need to scaffolding and ‘working at heights’.
  • Inspect live chimneys.
  • Reduce traffic management requirements around the building.