11 Oct


Following the certification of our 3 IAA approved drone pilots we caught up with Mark Prendergast, training professional at Safe Drone and Dániel Márton leading Apex Drone pilot to bring you the latest update on our specialist Drone surveying services.

Our pilots have been busy carrying out a broad range of drone survey inspections across Ireland from aerial footage for construction progress reports to 3D modelling of large buildings. Our team of drone pilots and in-house processors are constantly working towards achieving faster, cheaper, safer and better quality information with the use of technologies. “Not only can we now cater for drone specific surveys, but we are saving time and money in comparison to using traditional survey methods. For our teams safety is always a main priority and for us the use of the Faclon 8 drone has reduced the use of harnesses and scaffolding based inspection techniques.”

“Safe Drone Academy were delighted to be approached by one of Ireland’s leading survey companies, Apex Surveys. We were highly impressed with their drone operator’s comprehension and ability in handling their drone and conducting their flight routine.” – Mark Prendergast

“It is great to hear and see Apex advancing their drone use”, says Mark. “We have continued to support their drone efforts post their training program. With their industry leading Ascending Technologies Falcon 8 drone, not only has Apex received the best drone training package in Ireland, but they have committed to the most advanced and highly capable imaging drone currently on the market. With its 8 powerful motors, highly developed and reliable electronics the Falcon 8 is class leading in terms of its safety record. Its ability to carry full frame DSLRs and thermal imaging cameras sets it apart from the competition while allowing it to capture the most detailed imagery required for survey and inspections reports and models.”

For enquiry’s please contact info@apexdrone.ie or call 01-6910156